Yorktown Victory Center

Yorktown Virginia

What is Yorktown?

Yorktown is famous as a integral part of American History as the place where the the struggle of the American Revolutionary War was won.

The siege of Yorktown effectively ended the Revolutionary War.

On October 19, 1781 the British Surrendered to the American and French forces under the command of General George Washington.

Today the Yorktown Victory Center is a museum of the early struggles of America to become an independent nation and free itself from Colonialism.

The Center located just outside of Williamsburg in Yorktown, Va features many exhibits including an open air walkway, Indoor Galleries and Exhibits, Films, a 1780's farm, a discovery room, a Yorktown victory Celebration, a Continental Army Encampment and more.

The Yorktown Victory center is a must for Tourists to the Williamsburg area.

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Yorktown Victory Center near Williamsburg, VA


The Yorktown Victory center is a History of the American revolutionary War. Located in Yorktown, Virginia just outside of Williamsburg it is a must for History Buffs and Tourists.