Williamsburg Winery

The Williamsburg Winery

The Williamsburg Winery is located on a tract of land that is known as the Wessex Hundred.

In 1985 the the Vineyards were planted and wine production began in 1987.

Their bestseller is Governors's White which is the largest selling Virginia Wine in the state.

The Winery is host to many activities and includes a venue for Private Weddings and Events, Wessex Hall a large reception Hall that can accomodate up to 180 Guests, The Susan Constant Hall which accomodates up to 100 guests, the Gabriel Archer Tavern, is host to Ferraries on the Vine each Spring.

The Winery is open for tours 363 days of the year. Which includes tours of the winery and wine tasting.

There is a Wine shop featuring various wines, desserts and Gifts.

Dinning includes the Gabriel Archer Tavern and the Cafe Provencial.
Lodging is also available at the Winery which includes a variety of rooms and suites available

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The Williamsburg Winery


The Williamsburg Winery produces some of the best Wine in Virginia and is a great place for Tourists to visit.