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Let's Party carries an extensive amount of wigs for your costume, plays, events or just for fun! Browse some of the wigs available  in our store.
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Discover why the Pittsburgh Steelers recently chose Let's Party to Supply them with  Black and Yellow wigs - When it come to wigs - Let's Party is the place to start!

If we can supply NFL teams with wigs then you can trust us for your wigs!

Order Costume wigs online now at Let's Party Wigs - Here you can see more choices and styles, see pricing , details , post product reviews and more.
Let's Party has an ever growing selection of wigs and our categories include: Women, Men, Children, Historical, Funny & Silly, Clown Wigs, Halloween and Costume wigs. If you are looking for a great costume or Theatrical wig then do yourself a favor and check us out !


Styling Tips for Wigs:
Conseils pratiques:
1. Use with afro type wigs, Clowns etc.
To achieve ultimate fullness, back comb starting at the base and moving toward the ends. Set with Hair spray.
1. Pour les perruquesafro, de clown, etc.
Pour un maximum d'effet, peigner vigoureusement la perruque de la nuque vers le front, de la base du cheveu vers l'extremite. Fixer la coiffure a l'aide d'une laque.
2.Use with straight wigs, witch wigs, go-go wigs, etc.
For a sleek look, brush smooth with a regular hairbrush. For a fuller look, back comb starting at the base and moving toward the ends until the desired effect is reached. Set with hair spray.
2. Pour les perruques a cheveux raides, de sorciere, de groupie, etc.
Pour une coiffure lisse, brosser soigneusement a l'aide d'une brosse a cheveux. Pour plus de volume, brosser la perruque vigoureusement de la ase du cheveu vers l'extremite. Fixer la coiffure a l'aide d'une laque.
3.Use with wigs that have a false top like behives, bouffants, etc.
Stuff newspaper into the top of the wig to keep shape. For a sleek look brush smooth with a regular hairbrush. For a fuller look back comb starting at the base and moving toward the ends until desired effect is reached. Set with hair spray.
3. Pour les perruques a coiffure bouffante.
Donner forme a la perruque en la fourrant de papier journal. Pour une coiffure lisse, brosser doucement a l'aide d'une brosse a cheveux. Pour plus de volume, brosser la perruque vigoureusement de la base du cheveu vers l'extremite. Fixer la coiffure a l'aide d'une laque.
4. Use for curly witch wigs
Carefully separate any tangles with fingers and let hair fall in spirals. For an extra curly look separate the spirals with fingers to form more curls.
4. Pour les perruques de sorciere a cheveux frises
Demeir soigneusement les cheveux a l'aide de vos doigts. Pour un style tres frise'. separer davantage les loucles en spirales.

Costume and Theatrical Wigs - Let's Party has the largest selection of Costume, Theatrical and Fun wigs anywhere in the area. Here is a list of some of the many wigs we carry :
Geisha Girl Wig
Shag Wig 70's Black
Pop Wig
Lady Godiva Wig
Cowgirl Wig
70's Angel Wig
Pirate Wig
70's Shag Wig Blondie
Colonial Man Wig
Colonial Lady Wig
Colonial Woman Wig
Passion Wig
Sports Fanatic Wig
Judge Wig - White
Deluxe Afro Wig - Blonde
Jamaican Rasta Wig
Colonial Man Wig - Black
Mullet Wig Brown
Nacho Libre Wig
Pocahontas Wig
Flowing Grey Wig
Red Glamor Wig
Mad Scientist Wig
Hippie Man Wig
Baby Doll Wig - Brown
Baby Doll Wig - Black
Baby Doll Wig - Blonde
Pirate Wig Adult
Blonde Glamor Wig
Super Star Wig - Black
Hippie Girl Wig - Blonde
Sports Wig - Yellow / Green
Sports Wig - Blue / White
Afro Wig - Black
Spanish Wig
Lime Bob Wig
Mullet Wig - Black
Patriotic Afro Wig - Red/White/Blue
Sharpay Wig
Gabriella Wig
Fun Wig - White
Fun Wig - Yellow
Wednesday Wig
Saloon Girl Wig- Brown
Saloon Girl Wig - Blonde
Santa Wig & Beard
Biker Dude Wig
Superman Adult Wig
Caribbean Row Wig  - Green
Caribbean Row Wig - Gold
Caribbean Rows Wig - Purple
Sport Wig Yellow / Black
Long Blonde Wig - Child
Saloon Girl Wig - Red
Semi Pro Wig
Child Witch Wig - Silver Streak
Child Witch Wig - Black
Feather Doo Wig - Brown
Feelin Groovy Wig - Black
Feelin Groovy Wig - Blonde
Fun Wig - Black
Fun Wig - Gold
Blonde Mullet Wig
Betty Boop Wig
Morticia Wig
Sports Wig Blue
Sports Wig - Green
Fun Wig - Orange
Clown Wig Multi Color
Big John Wig
Bozo Clown Wig
Hippie Wig
Samurai Wig
Biblical Wig & Beard - White
Fun Wig - Maroon
Child Superman Wig
Cleopatra Wig
Princess Leia Wig
Indian Maiden Wig
Billionaire Wig
Napoleon Dynamite Wig
Renaissance Wig
Mermaid Wig - Blonde
Autumn Wig
Mylar Wigs
Mermaid Wigs - Pink
 Sleeping Beauty Wig
Clown Wigs
Raggedy Andy Wig
Indian Man Wig
Promoter Wig
Snow White Wig
Wolf man / Werewolf Wig
Grey Old Lady Wig
Hollywood Star Wig
Caribbean Pirate Wig
Crimped Witch Wig
Men's Fro Wig
Shock Treatment Men's Wig
Men's Wig - Greaser
Men's Wig - Grave Digger
Clown Wig - Blue
Clown Wig - Yellow
Fair Maiden Wig
Clown Wig - Red
Clown Wig - Black
80's Mullet Wig
60's Pop Icon Wig
Flapper Wig
Short Go Go Wig
50's Flip[ Wig
Clown Wigs - Curly
80's Mullet Wigs Men
Mohawk Wigs
Mens Wigs Wave
Men's Rock Star Wig
Child Pirate Wig
Rock Star Wig - Black
Glinda Witch Wig
Savior Wig ( Jesus)
Gypsy Wig
Tight Curls Wig
Feathered Wig
Gypsy Wig - Black
Gypsy Wig - Blonde
Poison Ivy Wig
Fun Wig - Silver
Fun Wig - Green
Blonde Waves Wig
Dorothy Wig
Fun Wig - Red
Fun Wig - Blue
Jeanie Wig
Mini Bob Wig - Brunette
Black Witch Wig
Blonde Witch Wig
Grey & Black Witch Wig
Blonde Witch Wig
Grey Witch Wig
Pirate Wench Wig
Biblical Wig
Cornrow Wig
Cinderella Wig
Rock & Roll Wig ( Elvis)
Silver Streaks Wig
Flapper Wig
Asymmetry Wig
Mini Bob Wig
Bi hawk Wig
60's Pop Icon Idol
Witch Wig
Long Blonde Hair Wig
Feather Doo Blonde Wig
60's Pop Icon Wig
Snow White Wig - Child
70's Shag Wig
Dorothy Wig
Child Poison Ivy Wig
Glinda Wig
Fair Maiden Wig
Black Rock & Roll Wig
Princess Leia Wig
Bruno Wig
Raggedy Andy Wig, Hollywood Star Wig, Promoter ( Don King ) Wig, Poison Ivy Wig, Betty Boop Wig, Deluxe Afro Wig, Rasta Wig, Feelin Groovy Wig, Feelin Groovy Black Wig, Witch Wig Blonde, Mullet Wig Blonde, Mullet Wig Black, Mullet Wig Brown, Colonial Wig Black, Black Afro Wig, Peggy Sue Wig Black, Peggy Sue Wig Auburn, Peggy Sue Wig Blonde, Glitter Diva Wig Lime, Glitter Diva Wig Pink, Glitter diva Wig Silver and Black, Glamor Wig Red and Black, Glamour Wig Black, Glamour Wig Blonde, Glamour Wig Auburn, Glamour Wing Pink, Movie Starlet Wig Blonde, Ms Spot Wig ( 101 Dalmatians Wig), The Queen Wig, I'm Beautiful Wig ( Ugly Betty), MS 5th Avenue Wig, Ms Promiscuous Wig, Dolly Wig, Goldilocks Wig, Rag Doll Wig, Cigar Girl Wig, Curly Wig Black, Curly Wig Long Auburn, Curly Wig Blonde, Curly Wig Black, Tinsel Wig Black and Silver, Wednesday Wig, Morticia Wig, Gomez Wig, Elvira Wig, Edward Scissorhands Wig, Thing 1 Wig, Thing Two Wig, Spock Wig, Gandolf Wig, Glinda Wig, Dorothy Wig, Cecelia Wig Blonde, Cecelia Wig Brown, Cecelia Wig Mixed, Cecelia Wig Black, Elise Wig Black, Elise Wig Mixed, Elise Wig Blonde, Elise Wig Brown, Gabriella Wig Black, Gabriella Wig Brown, Gabriella Wig Mixed, Gabriella Wig Blonde, Burlesque Wig Platinum, Burlesque Wig Red, Rockabilly Wig Blonde, Rockabilly Wig Black, Rockabilly Wig Brown, Rockabilly Wig Red, Candy Wig Blonde, Candy Wig Pink, Super odel Wig Pink, Super Model Wig Red and Black, Super Model Wig Blue, Super Model Wig Auburn, Super Model Wig Blonde, Super Model Wig Black, Two Tone Wig Lavender And Blue, Two Tone Wig Pink and White, Two Tone Wig Black and Blonde, Starlet Wig Lime, Starlet Wig Pink, Starlet Wig Red, Starlet Wig Brown, Starlet Wig Blonde, Starlet Wig Auburn, Starlet Wig Black, Indian Wig, Pocahontas Wig, Biblical Wig Brown  Black Grey White, Monk Wig, Men's Curly Wig, Jamaican Rast Wig, Feeling Groovy Wigs, Nerd Wig, Pop Star Wig, Plastic Man Wig ( Michael Jackson) , Big John Wig, Surfer Dude Wig, Late Night Wig, Mr Hammer Wig, Idol Judge Wig, Wrestling Star Wig, Witch Wigs Assorted Colors, Sports Wig Blue and White, Sports Wig Green and White, Sports Wig Green and Yellow, Sports Wig Black and Gold, Pirate Vixen Wig, Pirate Queen Wig, Pirate Wench Wig, Sassy Pirate Wig, Caribbean Pirate Wig, Swashbuckler Wig, Caveman Wig, Party Wigs, Costume Wigs, Theatrical  Wigs,  60's Wigs, 70's Wigs, 80's Wig, 50's wigs, Movie and TV Wigs, Halloween Wigs, Sorceress Wigs, 17th Century Wigs, 18th Century Wigs, 19th Century Wigs, 20's Wigs, 30's Wigs, 40's Wigs, Goth Wigs, Mohawk Wigs, Punk Rocker Wigs, Ethnic Wigs, Men's Wigs, Womens Wigs, Children's Wigs, Short Hair Wigs, Long Hair Wigs, Novelty Wigs, Wig and Beards, Santa Wigs, Mrs Clause Wigs, Christmas Wigs,  Extreme Wigs, Flapper Wigs , Historical Wigs, Hairpieces,  Holiday Wigs, Clearance Wigs, Cheap Wigs, Discount Wigs, New Wigs, Wigs, Wig, Theatrical Wigs, Rock Star Wigs, Best Wigs, Broadway Wigs, Theater Wigs, Salon Wigs, Saloon Wigs, Professional Wigs, Historic Wigs, Fantasy Wigs, Wig Outlet, School Wigs, Play Wigs, Wig Store, Wig Shop, Online Wig Store, Cheap Costume Wigs, Elvis Wig, Wig Experts, ABC Wigs, Sexy Wigs, Ultimate Wigs, Wow Wigs,  Geisha Wigs, Discount Costume Wig, Pink Wig, Synthetic Wigs, Cheap Costume Wigs, Kids Costume Wigs, Dress Up Wigs, Mardis Gras Wigs, International Wigs, President Wigs, Affordable Wigs, High Quality Wigs, Wig Specialty Store, Fancy Wigs, Modern Wigs, Display Wigs, Outlet Wigs, Warehouse Wigs, Wig Corner, Wigs for Kids, Wigs for Boys, Wigs for Girls.

Our new online Wig store has one of the largest selections of Costume and Theatrical Wigs you will find anywhere! And as an added bonus we have the lowest prices on our wigs you will find. Let's Party sells thousands of costume wigs in our physical store each year and now you can order our wigs from anywhere in the United states! Whether you are looking for a wig for a Theatrical Play, Halloween, a gag, or you just want to clown around we are sure to have the wig that is just right for you.

Some of our newest Wigs:

Burlesque Wig - Red
Burlesque Wig Platinum
Candy Wig w/ Ponytail - Blonde
Candy Wig w/ Ponytail - Pink

Rubies Secret Wishes Wigs including:
Elise - Black, Blonde, Brown , Mixed
Gabrielle - Black, Blonde, Brown, Mixed
Rockabilly - Black, Blonde, Brown, Red





- Let's Party has the largest selection of Costume, Theatrical and Fun wigs anywhere in the area.  All of our wigs are available  online as well as in our store. Of course we do occasionally sell out of certain wigs or the manufacturers discontinue certain wigs but we usually have 99% of the wigs in stock all year long. We have  a very large selection and our offering  is continually growing with our ultimate goal of being the largest retail supplier of costume, party and character wigs in the nation. With a great selection and great prices we think we are well on our way of meeting that goal! We would like to thank you our local and national customers for helping us along the way!