Ugly Christmas Sweaters Party

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

So looking for a new way to spice up your Holiday Party?

This is not a Let's Party orginal idea but we liked it so we are adding it to our collection of great party ideas.

One of the latest crazes is to have everyone where an ugly Christmas/Holiday Sweater to the party.
Most of have one that we were giving hanging around, collecting dust, so why not have a little fun with it?

Just Plan your party as normal and have your guests wear their most obnoxious holiday sweater or encourage them to make one or get one from a Thrift Store. Be sure your party  invitations include specific instructions on what your guests are expected to wear - The Ugliest Holiday / Christmas Sweater they can find.

Just by everyone wearing these sweaters will encourage lots of fun interaction among your guests.

Also as with most party themes this one can also be incorporated into fundraisers for Charities and non-profits.

PS: Don't forget the Eggnog and Mistletoe!


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party