Track Santa Claus

Track Santa Claus Christmas Travels

Kids now you can Track Santa as he Travels the World delivering Toys to Boys and Girls around the Globe!

No need to stay up to watch the eleven O'Clock news to find out where he is see it live right here.

As you may know NORAD ( North American Aerospace Defense Command) keeps a watchful eye on the world's skies in order to keep America safe. 

One of the benefits of this system is they also can track friendly objects in the skies above the whole world and it just so happens one of the friendly objects they pick up on their Radar every single year is Santa leaving the North Pole and traveling all around the world in his sleigh and Reindeer!

Now you can watch his travels also in real time by visiting this Website at:

Track Santa Claus and His Sleigh



Visiting the Santa Tracking Website is a great way to help your kids relax on Christmas Eve as they can see exactly where Santa is that night.

We recommend visiting a couple of times prior and just before bedtime!