Toga Party Theme

The Toga Theme Party

The Toga party was perhaps made famous by the movie "Animal House" starring John Belushi.

The fraternity had a wild party and wore Toga's in which they chanted "Toga - Toga - Toga - Toga"

The Toga was a garment worn in Ancient Rome and only the citizens of the Roman Empire were allow to wear the Toga. Slaves and others were not allowed to wear the Toga. It later became a mostly ceremonial garment in the later years of the Empire.

Today the Toga is a Party symbol and makes for a great party theme. Have everyone invited to the party come dressed in a Toga to the party. It can be homemade and as simple as wrapping a sheet around yourself or you can purchase the Toga costume form Let's Party. 

The costumes come in a one size fits all in Standard and Plus sizes and are under $25 in cost.

The Toga theme is fun and you can expand on it as much as you wish such as decorating in a Roman style , serving goblets of wine, grapes, sandals can be worn, Ivy Wreaths on the heads, etc. or just wear the Togas and have fun. 

This theme is extremely popular among the younger generations such as High School Students and College students at Fraternity parties. 

Whatever you decide make sure to document it with plenty of photos! 



The Toga party is extremely popular as a party theme at colleges and Universities as well as High School Students