Shop Locally Owned Merchants

Ten Great Reasons to Shop at Local Merchants

#1) It is Environmentally Friendly - You reduce your environment Impact by driving less - or if you order from the Internet it takes alot of Fuel and pollution to get you that one or two items. Go Green shop at locally owned Merchants.

#2) You save money by shopping close to home, and less time spent driving to other cities. Does it really make sense to spend $5 on gas to save $1 on the product? In most cases - no.

#3) Local stores are more accessible which is important for the elderly , young and poor.

#4) When you shop at a locally owned merchant you are supporting your community. The money you spend generally stays in your community and is "recycled" throughout the citizens and business in your community. By spending else where only your tax portion of your money remains in the community.

#5) Your local purchases help support local jobs.

#6) Local Merchants care about the community and spend their earnings in the community - They hire locals, They buy local homes, They pay local taxes on their business and incomes.

#7) Local Merchants learn what the local customers want and stock that merchandise to support them ( For instance carrying the local school colors)

#8) Local Merchants help give character to your community and make it a more desirable place to live - not some cookie cutter national chain of stores!

#9) Dollars spent locally go to support your local community services and vital public services.

#10) By preserving your locally owned Merchants and their unique character you help to attract and encourage others to open their business in our community. Success breeds Success. Help make our community strong by spending every dime here in the Williamsburg Area!



By supporting your locally owned business you help keep your community strong and viable, unique, and ensure your children's future in their community. America is full of Ghost towns that their citizens failed to recognize the importance of their locally owned businesses! Don't let it happen here - Buy from Locally owned Merchants!