Change the Halloween Date to Fall on Saturday

There is  a movement across the United States that started with the State of Conneticut to change the Celebration of Halloween so that it always falls on a Saturday.

Let's Party is very much in favor of this for a variety of reasons.

  1. It would be better economically for the communities. People have more parties and spend more for Saturday Halloween's. It's a well established fact.
  2. It would allow families more time to prepare instead of rushing home from work to get themselves or their children ready for the event.
  3. There is no religious or other established reason for not moving the Holiday
  4. More people would have the  flexibility to participate if they choose to do so.
  5. Since Sunday would always follow it would give those that did participate a day of rest before returning to work.
  6. It would make it easier on retailers and manufacturers knowing that the day of the week is consistent and sales would be easier to plan for.
  7. It would help to prevent the interference with  children's school and Homework.
  8. Local communities could plan for the event more readily.

Let's Party urges all of you that are in favor of changing the date of Halloween to the last Saturday in October to contact your state Legislatures as well as your Congressional and Senatorial Representatives to introduce this as a bill.


This is not a political movement, but rather a commensense movement.

Our daily lives are complicated enough so why not try and make life a little bit simpler?

I can't think of any argument someone would have against making this change!

And to all the Manufacturers and Distributors of Halloween related products this is your chance to do something good for the communities and show you care.
Put your muscle behind this and let's get this introduced as Legislation on a national level!


Movement to change the date of Halloween to the Last Saturday in October. Why put up with Halloween falling on Sunday through Monday when we don't have to? We have a choice! Urge the Politicians to do something good for us and change the date now!!!