Salt Water & Deep Sea fishing near Williamsburg

Salt Water / Deep Sea Fishing near  Williamsburg

Looking to experience some great Salt Water Fishing while visiting the Williamsburg area?

Consider Hampton Roads Charter

The Ocean Eagle provides enough space for 55 people to fish comfortably and the boat has a snack bar with snacks.

The Harter operates year round but the regular season starts in May each year. It also offers night fishing during the summer months.

Private Chaters are also available.

Striped Bass, Rockfish

The Hampton Roads Charter Boat is located behind the Crown Plaza Marina Hotel at 710 Settler Landing Rd in Hampton, VA ( about 30 minutes from Williamsburg)


For more information on booking your Deep Sea Fishing trip please visit their Website

Hampton Roads Salt Water Fishing Charters  


Deep Sea, Saltwater Fishing charters is a great way to spend a day while on vacation in Williamsburg.