Safari Park in Virginia

Virginia Safari Park

The Safari Park of Virginia is located in the Shenandoah Valley near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Located at 229 Safari Lane in Natural Bridge, VA.

The Park has 2 areas, A ten acre walk thru area & Petting zoo where you pet animals such as goats
Feed Colorful birds , walk thru a kangaroo enclosure, Feed Potbellied Pigs and Piglets, Chickens, Baby Llamas and other baby animals. It even has a Tiger pen where you can observe Bengal Tigers play and lounge!

By far my children's favorite is th Giraffe feeding area where you can purchase Giraffe Feed ( 50cents) and climb a platforn to hand feed the Giraffes. It is an up close and wonderful experience and although my children were a little shy and relunctant at first was their favorite moment.

The second part of the Park was the 3 mile drive through 180 acres of the park where you can observe and feed the animals while in your car. The animals are free to roam the park but many will try and entice you to feed them. Some of the dozens of animals include, Deer, Bison, Buffalo, Camels, Oryx, Ostrich, Elk, Gazelle, Yak and more!

If you have never experienced a drive thru Safari Park then this activity is a must.

About a 3 1/2 hour drive from Williamsburg. The Park is a wonderful day trip.

Animal encounters of the best kind!

For more information on Schedules, Admissions and more please visit their website:

Virginia Safari Park, Natural Bridge, VA  


The Virginia Safari Park near Natural Bridge, Va is a must see for all families. A great experience with animals like no other.