Richmond Zoo

The Richmond Zoo

The Zoo in Richmond is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Located at 8300 Beaver Ridge Rd in Moseley, VA the Zoo is open year round Monday - Saturday and is closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day and during Extreme Weather conditions such as Snow & Ice ( Please Call first)

The Richmond Zoo is packed many great animal exhibits and encounters.
Some of the many animals you will see range from the common to the exotic with such animals as Snow Leopard, Asiatic Bear, African Lion, Gazelle, White Rhino, Bison, Warthogs, Otter, Takin, Blackbuck and many more.

In addition there is a petting zoo, A Safari Train Ride, Coconut Climb, a Safari Sky Ride, a Giraffe Feeding Area, a Carousel Ride and a Snack Bar and more!

The Richmond Zoo is one of the best Zoo's on the East Coast and highly recommended.

Located approximately 1 hour drive from Williamsburg it is well worth the trip.

For Admission prices and more information please visit their Website at:

Tip: The Safari Train ride is great and well worth the extra cost. The open area tram travels through an area of the Zoo that is otherwise not accessible and you get to see many great animals up close and personal!

Richmond Metro Zoo


The Richmond Zoo is one of the best Zoos on the East Coast and is well worth the 1 hour drive from Williamsburg.