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Balloon Party Games

Balloons are not just for decorations! Look at these great Game Ideas using balloons:

Balloon Posse

Divide the group into two teams. Blow up ( By mouth )  enough balloons for each player in two different colors. Set up an obstacle course in the party room or yard with small tables, chairs, large boxes, and so on. Line up teams and give one player from each team a broom and a balloon in the team color. Players must race to get their balloons trough the obstacle course using only the broom. The first team to complete the race wins.

Balloon Collector

Use 15 to 20 Balloons inflated with helium. Select a player, set a timer for two minutes, then have the player try to hold onto as many balloons as he or she can - stuffed in a shirt, under the arms between the legs,
under the neck, and so on. At the end of the two minutes, count how many balloons the player has managed to hold onto. The player with the biggest balloon total wins the game. Meanwhile, the onlookers get to enjoy the hilarious antics of each player.

Balloon Kites

Purchase or inflate balloons filled with helium. Tie kite string to each balloon and go outside and fly your balloons like kites! No wind necessary! Make a contest to see who can get their balloon the highest in the air without letting go.

Balloon Race

Give each person a balloon. Start a timer for one minute and see who can inflate their balloon the biggest without popping it in the one minute time period ( may extend time for younger children) The person with the biggest balloon that did not pop wins.

Balloon Attack

Purchase or inflate balloons filled with helium and draw scary faces on them with permanent markers. Tie ribbons to the balloons short enough to make the kids jump to reach them, and let the balloons float to the ceiling. Divide into two teams. On the word "attack!" have one player from each team jump up grab a balloon ribbon, then try to pop the balloon as quickly as possible - by sitting on it, stepping on it and so on. As soon as a player has popped a balloon, he or she must run back to the team and tap the next player to pop a balloon. The team that finishes popping a balloon for each player wins.

Balloon Corral

Purchase balloons with farm animals printed on them ( available at Let's Party) and scatter them around the room. Build two "corrals" or Barns (
large boxes tipped on sides work well) and divide the children into two teams. Have each team try to "corral"  or barn their Farm Animals (balloons) using only a broom. Time each team and the team that has the fastest time wins.

Balloon Launch

Purchase or inflate about twenty balloons with helium. Collect 20 lightweight objects, such as a sponge, an action figure, a plastic spoon and so on. Divide the group into two teams and give each team 10 balloons, tied together in a bunch, with ribbons dangling. Have the teams race to choose objects from the pile and tie them onto the ribbons. The goal is to tie the most objects to the balloon bunch and still keep it floating! 


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