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When we opened Let's Party in 2006 the employees immediately started noticing some very strange occurrences within our store. We would close the store for the day and come in the next morning to find merchandise scattered on the floor. Occasionally someone would hear voices in another part of the store and assume that it was just another employee or a customer in that area shopping only later to discover that no one was in that area of the store at all!  At first it was just chalked up to as our imagination or as to the merchandise being rattled off the shelves by a passing train ( we are located directly in front of a train track) as the trains can cause quite a shaking of the building sometimes.   
As time went on though it become quite apparent that this wasn't just a case of our overactive imagination. Employees started noticing things flying off the shelves right in front of their faces with no one else around or with no train passing at the time. It seems Harry decided to have some real fun with us!  
Of course the Williamsburg area is rich in history with Native Indian Tribes, the original American Settlers, the Civil War, William & Mary College, so this area has been active since long before our nations founding and who knows what time period Scary Harry comes from but one thing we know for sure - He has a sense of Humor and he Loves to Party!  

One thing we know for sure about Harry - He likes our store. We invite all to stop by and see if they can bring out the spirit in our ghost. He is playful and we are sure if you do spot him or his antics you will have a story to tell for the rest of your life!

Scary Harry's Antics

Ghost Story
Okay - So it's true - Many have reported a ghost in out store. We have named him " Scary Harry" ( Some call him Haunting Harry) , but he's not really scary. Many employees and a few customers have reported seeing things fly off the shelves all on their own. So far no one has actually seen anything that looks like a ghost but they have seen things fly off the shelves all on their own for no reason and with no one around. We have also heard noises like someone ripping open packages and even people talking and we go to investigate and there is no one there. But don't be afraid, Scary Harry is just a friendly "Party Ghost" and is out to have a good time. So if you are hear or see something strange while in Let's Party don't be afraid to let us know what you saw or heard. After all Scary Harry is not just our Party Ghost but he is Williamsburg's Party Ghost!

Ghost Reports: Let's Party - Williamsburg, VA
Note: We decided to start keeping an online log of Harry's antics. While I am sure we will fail to document every detail hopefully over time we can see a pattern of what is happening in the store. It's a little hard to go back and document the orginal strange happenings so we decided to do our best from this day forward. If you have a story to tell please feel free to cantact us with it.

July 3rd 2009 - A lady was shopping in the aisle where the music patterns were when she ran to the checkout counter and reported that the Musical Note Electric lights flew off the shelf and hit her in the face ( She was not injured) at the same time another item on the opposite side of her flew off the hook and onto the shelf by her. She said "did you see that?" "Something weird is going on here!" Scary Harry strikes again!
July 6th 2009 - An employee was walking from the back of the store to the front when they look over toward the Luau section of the store where a plastic monkey is in the lighted palm tree - to their surprise the Monkey Jumped up out of the tree and onto the floor. It did not just fall to the floor but actually jumped into the air above the tree first - Kinda of weird huh?
We believe Scary Harry the Party ghost has struck again!
October 9th, 2009 - With the Halloween season just kicking into high gear and with large crowds of people in the store it's easy to overlook Scary Harry's antics. He did manage to get one employees attention today though. The employee was looking down the main aisle where the Party Hats are and to their amazement a stack of 8 Cowboy hats flew off the shelf a distance of approximately 4'. No, they didn't just fall to the floor, they actually flew off the shelf. We tried to duplicate the action but without physically pushing the hats, it was impossible to duplicate. Scary Harry? - Who knows but it is approaching Halloween.

Feb 3rd 2010 - It's been a while since we've heard from Harry but today a pair of large green sunglasses ( Giant ones for St. Patrick's Day) not only flew off the shelf and landed in the middle of the aisle but also went about 4 feet up the aisle. Why Harry has been so quite lately we don't know but he is still here, that much we do know!  

30 April 2010 - Heard "voices" coming from within the store - Strange thing though - No customers were in the store at the time - Harry & Friends? You be the judge! 

10 Jan 2011 -  Scary Harry has gone missing. Since April of 2010 not one report of Scary Harry's antics. He has simply gone missing. Extended Vacation perhaps? Well we don't really know but we are certain he will return soon.

24 Oct 2011 - Update - Scary Harry has made a couple of noises lately - Sounds that the Cashiers heard with no one in the store and there was one instance where a product flew off the hook that was unexplained. No one actually seen it come off but a loud noise was heard and when we investigated the product was on the floor. No one was in the store at the time. For whatever reason Harry has not been making himself known lately!


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