Party Food & Drink

Suggested Party Food, Snacks & Drinks

Be sure to plan for all the unexpected when serving food or drinks.
Ask parents if any children have food allergies or other requirements such as Vegetarians etc.

Keep it simple! Everything you serve should be already prepared in advance and should be safe for comsumption by children. Keep in mind of foods and candies that could be potential choking hazards for small children especially with children under three years of age. Some examples of foods to be wary of are Hard Candies, Lollipops with hard handles, Candied Apples, any round shaped type food that can be easily swallowed by mistake.

Drinks - Water , Fruit Juices and Sodas are the most popular but don't forget Iced Tea, Lemonaide, and Sparkling Ciders.

Snacks -

Chips & Dips
Nuts ( Beware of Allergies and choking Hazards)
Cup Cakes

Foods -

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Various Lunch Meat Sandwiches
Canned foods such as Spagetti, Ravioli, Stews,,,,,,,,,
Chicken Nuggets
Pizza ( Make Your own is always fun)
Macaroni & Cheese
Fruit Salads
Jello & Puddings

And of Course Birthday Cake!

Don't forget that many foods can be delivered such as Pizza or someone can make a run to the local Burger Place for a bag full of Chicken Nuggets and Hamburgers and Fries.

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