Williamsburg Party Favors

Children's & Birthday Party Favors

What are Party Favors?

Party Favors can mean a variety of things but is usually associated with small toys & trinkets that are handed out to the party guests.

The "Favor Bags" usually contain these small toys and additionally some candy.

Party Favors can also be associated with Wedding Parties but the "Favors" are usually more expensive in nature since they are being given to adults.

Let's Party carries a wide variet of Children's Party Favors ranging in Price from $1.99 per package and up.

Favors change almost yearly as manufacturers replace or discontinue certain favors but many classic favors remain year after year. Chinese Hancuffs and Whirly Copters come to mind as examples of classics.

When looking to fill your children's Goody Bags this year consider coming to Let's Party first.


Let's Party in Williamsburg has a large selection of Party Favors. Below please find a list of some of the many Party Favors we offer in our store:

Dog Tags
Compass Key Chains
Butterfly Rings
Birthday Pencils
Hundred Dollar Pencils
Pirate Tattoos
Frog Tattoos
Sweetie Babies
Baby Bottles
Race Cars
Heart Bracelets
Butterfly Tattoos
Unicorn Pencils
Butterfly Pencils
Race Car Pencils
Basketball Pencils
Baseball Favors
Party Fun Favors
Hearts Pencils
Soccer Pencils
Baseball Pencils
Princess Pencils
Fashion Fun Pencils
Camoflauge Pencils
Pirate Pencils
Smiley Pencils
Construction Pencils
U.S. Flag Pencils
Plastic Horses
Finger Skateboards
Water Guns
Jungle Animals
Twist Bracelets
Mini Tops
Nija Figures
Favor Parachute Soilders
Knocker Balls
PLay Money
Plastic Frogs
Sport Springs
Pirate Telescopes
Jumbo Rings
Plastic Pirate Hats
Jungle Bingo Games
Phone Books
Metallic Horns
Train Whistles
Flower Rings
Trucks Die 4 ct
Pirate Eye Patches
Compass Rings
Jewel Rings
Super Balls
Pirate Flags
Mini Heart Books
Pinata Blindfolds
Glow Rings
Plastic Dogs
Flying Jets
Plastic Lizards
Gold Coins
Squiggle Straws
Princess Rings
Pirate Coins
Jungle Animal Pencils
Sealife Pencils
Dinosaur Pencils
Football Pencils
Creature Popups
Finger Traps
Princess Wands
Construction Tattoos
Plastic Insects
Bead Necklaces
Sports Whistles
Girl Stuff Asst
Construction Assortment
Fashion Assortment
Glamour Assortment
Football Assortment
Fun In The Sun Asst
Basketball Asst
Hello Kitty Asst
Unicorn Assortment
Shimmering Butterflies Assortment
Rescue Assortment
Prehistoric Assortment
Bulk Favor Pack
Soccer Assortment
Underwater Friends Assortment
Military Assortment
Pirate Assortment
Safari Assortment
Hearts & Favors
Keep On Truckin Assortment
Pin The Tail On The Donkey Game
Train Whistles
Whirl A Copter
Slide Flutes
Lip Whistles
Bling VAlue Pack
Blow Ball Pipes
Water Guns
Smile Whistles
Disc Shooters
Rulers Glamour Girl
Slide Puzzles
Ball Puzzles
Hi Lo Games
Kaleidoscope Keychains
Krazy Straws
Magnifying Glasses
Sheriff Badges
Plastic Dinosaurs
Stamper Sets
Plastic Farm Animals
Sports Pinball
Circle Designers
Smile Maracas
Two Tone Whistles
Rainforest Puzzles
Cup & Ball Games
Smile Puzzles
Magic Pads
Hearts Note Pads
Racecar Notepads
Safari Notepads
Princess Notepads
Hundred Dollar Note Pads
Frogs & Lizards Notepads
Keep On Trucking Notepads
Butterfly Notepads
Basketball Note Pads
Football Notepads
Dinosaur Notepads
Pirate Notepad
Soccer Notepad
Baseball Notepad
Religious Notepads
Unicorn Notepads
Plastic Handcuffs
Plastic Whistles
Nail Files
Paper Animal Masks
Sports Erasers
Krazy Straw
Plastic Spiders
Daisy Erasers
Smile Note Pads
Camoflauge Notepads
MAgic Markers
Underwater Notepads
64oz Bubbles
Light Up Gliders
Whoopee Cushions
Inflatable Donkey Games
Religious Eraser Sets
Gemstone Rings
Cross Necklaces
Cross Maze Puzzles
Activity Books
Party Bingo Game
Smiley Clips
Funny Glasses
Plastic Sea Animals
Die Cast Cars
Emotion Erasers
Chinese Yo Yo's
Spirit Bracelets
Flying Discs
Slide Flutes
Flat Whistles
Whirl Copters
Pearlized Rings
Religious Slap Bracelets
Glitter Girl Favor Packs
Jump Ropes
Party Bubbles
Cool Glasses
Phone Book Favors
Metal Fish Keychains
Festive Pinata Favors
Religious Slide Puzzles
Plastic Cats
Pinball Games
Water Balloons
Sun Visors
Kick Balls
Jumping Frogs
Pinata Filler
Paddle Balls
Skateboards Jesus Lives
Nose , Glasses, Moustache
Pencil Chalk
Sunglasses Animal
WWJD Bracelets
Whistle Keyrings
Smile Jesus Bracelets
Religious Stamp Sets
Sports Whistles
Diamond Rings
Frogs & Lizards Pencils
Wooden Cho Stixs
Firetruck Favor Packs
Camo Gear Party Favors
Yo Yo's
Alphabet Rulers
Bouncy Balls
Paint & Book Sets
Girl Stencils
Cups & Balls
Tracing Stencils
Mini Groovy Erasers
Frog Stencils
Kids Card Games
Wiggle Snakes
Mini Play Money
Coloring Books
Straw Bubble Blower
Crystal Bead Bracelets
Glitzy Girl Favor Packs
Jesus Pencils
Tiara Haircombs
Key CHain Nail Files
Bead Necklaces
Mini Hair Brushes
Pinata Bats
Fun Tattoos
Mix & Match Toys
Gold Coins 500 Ct
Gold Coins 144ct
Pinata Toy Filler
Slide Puzzles
Glitter Nail Polish
Party Pack Pirates
Party Pack Cinderella
Sonic Airplanes
Circle Designers
Yo Yo
Stamp Pads
Magnifying Glass
Neon Springs
Mini Beach Erasers
Fling Discs
Pin Wheels
Catch Ball Games
Mini Magic Boards
& Much Much More!