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Party Activities for Children's Birthday Parties, and other types of Party Events.

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Plan on the Movies - Whether you have them at home or actually meet at the Theater - This can be a fun way to spend the day.

Pool Parties - Swimming is always the perfect activity for most children, Meet at the local pool, or provide Kiddie Pools, or other water activities such as water sprinkler toys. Be sure to provide plenty of Adult Supervision for this one!

Contests - Having simple contests at the party provides entertainment for the children and helps to transition from one event to another. Prizes can range from the "Glory" of winning to actual give away prizes! ( This is also great for Adult Parties) Everyone has a little competitive spirit in them!)

Food & Drink - Food, Snacks and Drinks are as important as the entertainment and if done right can even serve as the entertainment. Don't just provide Cupcakes for instance; Let the Children decorate their very own cupcake. Afterall It always tastes twice as good when you do it yourself!

Entertainment - Children Rides, Moon Bounces, Petting Zoos, Magicians, Clowns, Jugglers, Face Painting, DJ's, etc are just a few examples of entertainment you can provide at your child's party. One hint though - Don't expect the entertainer to supervise the children, This still the responsibility of the hosts and any adult volunteers.

Off Site Activities - This would include parks, Amusement Parks, Gyms and Sports complexes, Swimming Pools, Laser and Paint Tag, Movies, Skating Centers, Bowling Alleys, And a host of other

Pinatas - Pinatas can be a great way to entertain the children and hand out prizes and candies at the same time. For smaller children make sure to purchase the "Pull String" Pinatas. These Pinatas have attached Ribbons only one of which opens the trap door to release the toys and candies!

Art Projects - Have the children paint, color or build their own project to take home.

Cooking - Have the children decorate their own cupcakes or bake their own cookies.

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Cooking Classes

Game Centers

Dance Studios

Pottery Studios

Karate Studio

Time Management - Remember Children tire of activities rather quickly sometimes, when planning a party for children we would suggest no more than 2 hours for all the activities and certainly no more than three hours.

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