Williamsburg Novelties

What are Novelties?

It can be anything that doesn't fit into a specific category.

We cassify our Novelties as products that we carry year round that doesn't belong in the Halloween category.

Examples are Handcuffs, Sheriff Badges, Bandanas, Party Black Lights, Boas, Theatrical Canes, Plastic Swords and Weapons, Clown Products and on and on.

At Let's Party we carry hundreds of hard to find Novelty items especially those that can be used as props for costumes and Theatrical Productions.

If you are wondering who carries these products after Halloween - Well it us.

Stop by our store today and find the novelty you are looking for!


Let's Party in Williamsburg , Virginia is located close to the College of William and Mary, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Fort Eustis, and NewPort News. If you are looking for hard to find Novelties then we should be your first stop! Below find a partial listing of the many items we carry. Please note that some items may be seasonal or may have been discontinued by manufacturers.

That's Hot Purple Glasses
Mega Strobe Light with Thunder
Skull Bandana
Disco Hat and Sunglasses
That's Hot Glasses Pink
Sequin Headbands
Hurricane Sunglasses
Bee Antenna
Martian Antenna
Peace Sign Necklace
Heart Shaped Cool Shades
Shot Glass Necklace
Peace Medals
Flapper Beads
Handcuffs Metal
Handcuffs Plastic
Hancuffs Trick
Inflatable Saxaphone
Inflatable Microphone
Party Light
Clown Shoe Covers
Large Peace Symbol
Square Eyeglasses
Beer Sunglasses
Cat Tail 
Mouse Tail
Uptown Cat Tail
8 x 12 Mexican Flag
Boas Green & Yellow
Mega Strobe Light
Party Mirror Box
Super Specs
Boa Black & White
Round Color Sunglasses ( John Lennon Style)
Balck Sunglasses  ( Blues Brothers Style)
Silly String Yellow
Silly String Green
Silly String Red 
Silly String Blue
Roman Sword
Bamboo Cane
Confetti Shooter
Confetti Gun Refills
Pink Glow Necklaces
Giant Sunglasses
Tattoo Sleeve
Red White & Blue Glow Necklaces
Large Green Bowtie
Beads with Shotglass
Mirror Balls
Pirate Flags
Pink Boa
Red Boa
Potato Sacks
Cool Sunglasses
Relay Sticks
Clown Ring Toss
Field Cones
Boa Red White & Blue
Mini Prize Packs
Ping Pong Balls
Dark Sunglasses
Boa Red Shimmer
Can Toss Game
Clothespin Game
Inflatable Turtle
Beach Balls
Metallic Glasses
Relay Game
Blind Star Glasses - Black
Faboulous Capri Glasses Yellow
White Boa
Glitter Sunglasses
 Flashing Charms
Purple Glow Sticks
Blind Star Glasses Pink
Carnival Decor Kit
Bean Bags
Fishing Game
Clown Parasol
Customizable Banner
Pop Star Mic Kit
Red Glow Sticks
Red Boa
Cat Ears 
Mouse Ears
Blue Glow Sticks
Purple Boa
Green Glow Sticks
Black & White Boa
Skull Beads
Bowie Knife
Deluxe Pirate Kit
Heart Eye Patch
Theatrical Cane Black
Theatrical Cane White
Crusader Sword
Rubber Snake
Giant INsects
Boa Red & Black
Pearl Beads
Boa Black & Gold Tinsel
Party Poppers
Bunny Ears Blue
Red White & Blue Glow Bracelets
Black & Pink Boa
Bunny Ears Pink
Glow Sticks Red White & Blue
Balloon Pump
Glow N Things
Giant Clown Sissors
Clown Horn
Glow Necklaces 25 Count
Glow Bracelets 25 Ct
The Big Leaf Necklace
Wacky String
 Mini Black Lights
Black Light Bulbs
Black Lights
Sheriff Badge
Whopee Cushion
Mardis Gras Beads
Nerd Glasses
Florescent Hair Spray
Silk Eye Patch 
Pirate Eye Patch
Fun Streamer
US Flag 4x6
US Flag 6x11
Feather Mask
Glow Necklace Pink
Glow Necklace Blue
Glow Stick Yellow
Glowstick Blue
Glow Necklace Green
Glow Lightstick Pink
Glow LightStick Blue
Glow Bracelet Green
Glow Cross
Glowstick Pink
Stobe Light
Crazy Eyes
Shots & Ladders Game
Glitter Fedora
Glow Bracelet
Glowstick Green
Glowstick Orange
Glow Earrings
Glowstick Purple
Confetti Popper
Party Blaster
String Streamer Asst Colors
Supe Snaps
Chefs Hat
Hula Skirt
Party Tack
Blowouts Primary Colors
Lei Pastel Flowers
Hula Skirt
Window MArker White
Window Marker Red
Window Marker Green
Window Marker Blue
Window Marker Yellow
Window Marker Orange
Window Marker Purple
Window MArker Pink
Wooden Train Whistle
Glow Necklaces
Punch Balloons
Blue Bandana
Red Bandana
Light Blue Bandana
White Bandana
Black Bandana
Inflatable Microphones
USA Buttons
Popcorn Bags
Megaphone Red
Megapone Blue
Megaphone Orange
Megaphone White
Megaphone Silver
Megaphone Black
Megaphone Yellow
Megaphone Green
Megaphone Burgundy
Spanish Fans
Beads Assorted Styles
Pig Nose
Cow Nose
Rabbit Nose
Chicken Nose
Dog Nose
Red Clown Nose
Tattoo Pens
Cigarrette Holders
 Monk Cross
Glitter Microphone
Hibrow Disguise (Glasses with Nose, Moustache)
 Air Horn
Wrist Bands
Tyvek Bands
Raffle Tickets
Liquor Tickets
Admit One Tickets
Pirate Hook
Pirate Sword
And Lots, Lots more so visit Let's Party in Williamsburg, VA today for all your Party Needs!