Mustache Party

The Mustache Party Theme

Have a Mustache Party!

The Mustache Party is a fun simple Party Theme.

Just invited your guests to the Mustache (Stash) Party and tell them they must wear a mustache or beard or both.

It's that easy and it's fun beyond belief.

The Mustaches and Beards can be really hilarious ( especially on women) and you won't believe how funny some people will look.

The mustaches are available in our physical store as well a our online store. Most are relatively inexpensive so you don't have to worry about busting your friends pocketbook.

As we suggest with all our theme parties make sure to have contests and to take lots of photos.

We also suggest you might want a themed cake to go along avaliable locally through Treats by Trish - She specializes in themed cakes and cupcakes.

The mustache party is sure to be a hit and is worth considering as your next party theme!


A fun simple Party theme is the Mustache Party Theme. Be the talk of your friends as they Buzz over how great your party was.