Theatrical & Halloween , Costume Makeup

Theatrical, Costume, Carnival, Clown Makeup.

We carry a large selection of makeup for Theatrical purposes, School Spirit or for Costume and Halloween!

We have Face Paint, Hair Color, Paint Sticks, Carnival Color Palattes,
Eyelashes, False Teeth including Monster Teeth, Funny Teeth and Vampire Teeth.

Below Find just a Sample of what we carry.

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Let's Party - Williamsburg's Party Store has one of the largest collections of Costume Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, and appliances you will find anywhere in the area! We carry most Makeup all year long so not to worry - if it's something you need more than likely we have it. We are located in Williamsburg, Virginia and are within driving distance to Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Richmond, York County, Charles City, Fort Eustis, Yorktown Naval Weapons Base, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, the College of William & Mary so stop in today for all your Theatrical Needs!  Some of the many products we carry are:
Green Eyelashes
Blue Gemstone Eyelashes
Gemstone Eyelashes
Silver Sparkle Eyelashes
Gold Sparkle Eyelashes
Multi Sparkle Eyelashes
Devils Eyelashes
Hologram Eyelashes
Purple Tinsel Eyelashes
Wolfman Make Over Kit
Silver Tinsel Eyelashes
Fluttery Eyelashes Black
Blue Tinsel Eyelashes
Gold Tinsel Eyelashes
Vampire Teeth - Bloody
Large Face Paint Kit    
Comb N' Glitter Gold & Silver
White Eyebrow Stick
Gold HairSpray
Frozen Stiffs Ice Makeup
White Hair Color
Comb & Glitter Red & Blue
Glamour Girl Makeup
Vampire Teeth Silver Fangs
Vampire Teeth Gold Fangs
Princess Makeup Kit
Comb & Glitter Blue & Silver
Comb & Glitter Gold & Purple
Movie Star Makeup
Complete Family Makeup Kit
Theatrical Hair White
Disfigured Appliance
Family Value Makeup Kit
Liquid Latex
Creepy Skin
Vampire Blood
Open Gash Appliance
Pint Of Theatrical Blood
Grey Theatrical Hair
Blood Gel extra Thick
Theatrical Hair Black
Busted Open Appliance
Purple Nail Polish & Lipstick
Green Nail Polish & Lipstick
Nose Putty
Rottin Teeth Style 1
Rottin Teeth Style # 2
Monster Teeth
Rotting Teeth Style # 3
Frankenstein Make Over Kit
Dracula Makeover Kit
Rottin Teeth Style # 4
Monster Teeth Style # 2
Black light Hairspray
Eyestrain Appliance
Black Tooth Wax
Rottin Bubba Teeth
Monster Teeth Style # 3
Monster Teeth Style # 4
Rottin Teeth - Road Haug
Rainbow Eyelashes
Blue Hairspray
Green Hairspray
Red Hair Spray
Glamor Lashes
Brown Cream Makeup
Yellow Cream Makeup
Silver Hairspray
Yellow Hairspray
Nose Appliance
Third Eye Appliance
Bullet Wounds Appliance
Vampire Appliance Set
Silver Cream Makeup
Fingernail Kit
Gargoyle Appliance
Silver Glitter Makeup
Neon Makeup
Face Paint Sticks
Black Nail Polish
Theatrical Tape
Feathered Eyelashes
Glitter Hairspray
Blonde Hairspray
Gold Glitter Makeup
Black Glitter Makeup
Blue Glitter Makeup
Green Glitter Makeup
White Glitter Makeup
Small Face Painting Set
Red Glitter Makeup
Purple Glitter Makeup
Gold Cream Makeup
Metallic Grease Makeup
Cat Nails
White Grease Makeup
Black Base Makeup
Red Grease Make Up
Green Grease Make Up
Leopard Nails
Purple Hologram Eyelash
Pearl Nails
Horror Nails
Black Hologram Eyelashes
Green Hologram Eyelashes
Blue Hologram Eyelashes
Brown Base Makeup
Vampire Fangs
Assorted Eyelashes
Sequined Tipped Eyelashes
Spirit Gum & Remover - Deluxe
Ear Appliance
Unholy Bite Appliance
Ghoul Deluxe Appliance
Vampire Fangs with Cross
Party Time Make Up
Makeup Crayons
Blue Base Makeup
Pink Swirl Nails
Fangs with Blood
Black Leather Nails & Eyelashes
Red Leather Nails & Eyelashes
Yellow Hair spray
Purple Flr Hairspray
Pink Flr Hairspray
Red Flr Hairspray
Silver Flr Hairspray
Blue Flr Hairspray
Black Flr Hairspray
White Hairspray
Frankenstein Makeup
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover
Dracula Makeup
Frankenstein Makeup Style # 2
Wolfman Makeup
Mummy Makeup
Multicolor Hairspray
Character Makeup Kit
Gold Face Paint
Silver Face Paint
Girls Halloween Face Glitter Kit
Kids Themed Makeup
Kids I Wanna Be Makeup
Kids Animal Face Makeup
Purple Face Paint
Red Hair Glitter
Gold Hair Glitter
Silver Hair Glitter
Blue Hair Glitter
Balk Face Paint
White Face Paint
Green Hair Glitter
Wizard Nails
Crazy Teeth # 4
Crazy Teeth # 3
Spider Nails
Makeup Remover
Pirate Nails
Spider Nails Glow In Dark
Crazy Teeth # 2
Orange Face Paint
Green Face Paint
Burgundy Face Paint
Red Face Paint
Crazy Teeth Gold
Teeth Putty
Face Paint Blue
Glow In Dark Hair Color
Green Horror Makeup
Grey Horror Makeup
Skull Makeup
Witch Makeup & Accessories
Sparkle Dust
Ghoul Makeup & Accessories
Vampire Makeup & Accessories
Solider Makeup
Vampire Makeup
Witch Makeup
Clown Makeup with Nose
Devil Makeup
Pirate Makeup
Cow Makeup
Cat Makeup
Professional Makeup
Neon Orange Makeup
Neon Pink Makeup
Neon Green Makeup
Neon Blue Makeup
White Cream Face Paint
Neon Red Makeup
Neon Yellow Makeup
Face Paint 7 Color Palette
Aqua Red Face Paint
Aqua Yellow Face Paint
Orange Face Paint
Aqua White Face Paint
Green Face Paint
Blue Face Paint
Black Face Paint
Black Cream Face Paint
Vial of Blood
Black Makeup Liner Stick
Crepe Hair Brown
Comb & Color Pink & Green
Comb & Color Purple & Pink
Comb & Color Orange & Blue
Comb & Color Yellow & Blue
Grey Crepe Hair
Professional Face Paint Sticks
Face Paint Green Cream
Red Face Paint Cream
Theatrical Hair Brown
Crepe Hair Light Brown
Professional Makeup Kit
Makeup Factory for Children
Black Lipstick
Blood & Fangs Kit
Glow Skin Cream
Deluxe Disguise Kit
Vampire Makeup Kit
Hello Kitty Makeup
Glow In Dark Nail Polish
Lipstick & Nail Polish
Makeup No Smear
Stage Blood Capsules
Gothic Clown Kit
Scar Putty
Gothic Rag doll Kit
Gothic Cheerleader Kit
Glitter Hairspray
Screw head
Bloody Bolt
Spike In Head
Opening Wound Appliance
Face Paint Yellow
Ninja Wound
Horror Stitches
Pencil Makeup Appliance
Vampire Bite Appliance
Open Wound Appliance & Makeup
Vampire Blood
Razor Cut Appliance
Bolt Appliance
Eye Patch Appliance
Eye Strain Appliance

Please Note : Certain Items may be Seasonal or discontinued without notice by the manufacturer but we will always have a large supply of makeup in stock throughout the year. We have hairspray and face paint in all the school colors for area high schools and colleges such as  William & Mary, Thomas Nelson, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Lafayette High School, Bruton High School, Warhill  High School, Jamestown High School, Williamsburg Christian Academy, Walsingham Academy, New Kent High School, Charles City High School , Yorktown High School, West Point High School and many others. So stop by Let's Party today for all your School Spirit Makeup and Supplies!