Mr. & Mrs. Claus Holiday Party

Have a Mr. & Mrs Claus Party Theme for your
Holiday or Christmas Party this year!

Looking for ways to spice up your annual Holiday or Christmas party this year?
Tired of the same old boring concept and awkwardness of spending time with co-workers that you don't normally hang out with after work?

Well then - this year kick the Old Holiday Party up a notch and make it a themed party - How about a Mr. & Mrs Claus party?

This year when the invitations go out instruct your guests that the theme of the party is Mr. & Mrs Claus and they should wear a suitable hat or ensemble that goes with the theme.
No need to wear a full costume ( although I'm betting a least one will show up that way)

The Mr. & Mrs claus theme will warm people up as they admire or laugh at the concepts that others have come up with. It's like providing entertainment for the party that is provided by the guests themselves!

It's Fun, It's Simple and It's inexpensive!

And, just think of all the company photos and memories you will have. A sure way to boost the morale at your companies party or to insure your friends and relatives have a great party.

This year give them something that will make them long for next years event.


Give your Holiday Party a kick in the pants this year and make a themed Holiday Party - Another great Idea from Let's Party!