Luau Party

 Luau Party

The Luau Party is perhaps one of the most popular party themes.

Whatever the occassion, Birthday, Graduation, Christmas ( yes some people have Luau themed Christmas Parties) or just a great party the Luau can lend itself to a fun party.

Now that you have picked your theme there are a couple of other considerations.

The first is the setting. Make sure to decorate your party space in a Tropical setting to as much of an extent that you can the decor can be made with cut outs, foil decor and natural materials. Also consider Tiki Torches lit if outdoors and unlit if indoors.

The food - Make your drink cups  out of hollowed out coconuts or pineapples like that above. Use the top of the pineapple in your table decor. Lay out Fruit trays with assorted Tropical like fruits. If the season is right the luau lends itself to an outdoor bar-b-que and for a poolside party.

The guests should be instructed to wear tropical style clothing and luau accessories like Leis, Cocunut bras or sea-shell bras. If also having a swim party then the grass skirts can act as bathing suit cover ups and add even more to the atmosphere.

The activities - Set the mood with Luau music and make sure to plan a game of Limbo. With just a little planning you can have the best Luau party ever!

Let's Party also sell several items perfect for the Luau party like Tableware, Leis, Grass Skirts, cutouts, foil decor and more!


Luau Parties are perhaps one of the most popular party themes but to out do the other Luau parties it will take a little planning on your part.