Williamsburg Costume Jewelry
Here are but a few examples of the Jewelry we carry at Let's Party:

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Here is a partial list of some of the many Jewerly products we carry at Let's Party in Williamsburg, VA.:

Gold Coins Bracelet
Gold Coin Earrings
Gold Coin Necklace
Tooth Choker
Flapper Beads
Pearl Necklace Beads
Handcuff Necklace
Peace Symbol Necklace
Hot Lips Rarrings
Butterfly Necklace
Jewel Drop Necklace
Gold Cross
Mirror Ball Necklace
Grecian Bracelet
Indian Pendant Necklace
Men's Studded Choker
Studded Glove
Studded Wristband
Skull & Crossbone Choker
Betty Boop Jewelry
Heart Eye Patch
Pirate Eye Patch
Silk Eye Patch
Glow Cross Necklace
Dollar Sign Necklace
Rapper Necklaces
Peace Necklace & Earring Set
Monk Cross
Skull & Bones Bracelet
Cat Choker
Single Tooth Necklace
Red Gothic Spider Necklace
Red Gothic Cross
Heart Charm Bracelet
Candy Corn Bracelet
Skull & Bones Choker
Glow In Dark Skull Necklace
Big Daddy Ring
Pirate Necklace
Pink Studded Choker
Pentagram Necklace
Skull Rings
Skull Bracelet
Black Widow Gothic Ring
Owl Glothic Ring
Genie Gothic Ring
Spooky Jewelry
Skull Diva Gothic Ring
Pumpkin Necklace
Attitude Bracelets
Spider Rings
Friendship Bracelet
Glow Skull Necklace
Glow Witch Necklace
Halloween Bracelet
Bat Bracelet
Pumpkin Bracelet
Gothic Genie Earrings
Gothic Skull Earrings
Owl Gothic Earrings
Owl Gothic Necklace
Serpent Earrings
Black Widow Earrings
Demon Gothic Earrings
Velvet Choker
Belly Jewels
Demon Necklace
Serpent Necklace
Skull Necklace
Genie Necklace
Serpent Ring
Demon Ring
Studded Velvet Choker