Hat Party Theme

Hat Party Theme

Have a Hat Party!

What is a Hat Party?

A Hat Party is a Party where everyone you invite has to wear a Funny, Silly or Outrageous Hat.
No Hat - No Admission!

This is a really simple and fun concept for a party. Your Friends will surprise you with the Hat Concepts they come up with.

It's inexpensive!
They can make their own hats, where an old one or buy a new one like the hundreds of Hats that we carry. Either way it doesn't cost that much and it will be well worth it for the  COF - ( Cost of Fun Ratio)!

Rules ? There are none except they must wear the Funny, Silly or Outrageous hat to come to the party.

As we always suggest for fun parties - Make sure to have some sort of Contest for Best, Funniest or most Outrageous Hat. And think of Adapting other Fun Games to Hats, like throwing Bean Bags into Hats. Give away simple prizes or award ribbons.

And don't forget the camera - take loads of pictures or video to post online so your sucessful party is well documented.

This simple theme will insure that you have one of the most successful parties ever!

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For a great Party theme consider having a Hat Party! - It's a Fun, Simple and Inexpensive concept for a Party!