Halloween Safety Tips

Have a Safe Halloween

For a safe Halloween here are a few tips from you friends at Let's Party:

* Always go Trick or Treating with a friend or a parent.

* Go to well-lite houses. Stay outside the house to Trick or treat - Never go Inside a strangers home.

* Travel on the sidewalks and well lit paths.

* Eat dinner before you go out.

* Take a Treat bag for goodies you collect. Never eat candy until they have been approved by a parent or adult.

* Wear a comfortable costume that allows for walking and seeing easily.

* Attach a reflective Tape, Glow Stick or other reflective materials to front and back of your costume. Carry a flashlight

* If you are wearing a Mask make sure it fits properly and allows for sight and breathing.

* Secure wigs and other articles so that your movement and vision are not impaired.

* Abide by local Halloween Ordinances and laws.

* Never handle lite Candles or get around any flame especially when wearing your costume.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Children during Halloween and Adult Halloween.