Top Halloween Music

Top Music and Songs
for Halloween Parties

Our List of Favorite Halloween Music and Songs
Try putting together these songs for great Halloween Party Music.
We play many (if not all) these songs in our store every Halloween for our Customers enjoyment!

Witch Doctor

Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead

Purple People Eater

King Tut

Monster Mash

Love Potion Number 9

Devil Went Down to Georgia

Walk Like an Egyptian

In The Midnight Hour

The Munsters Theme

Wooly Bully

They're Coming to Take me Away

Friday the 13th Theme

Nightmare on Elm Street Theme

Psycho Suite

The Shinning

The Chainsaw

The saw


Rosemary's Baby

The Howling

Swamp Thing

Funeral March

Men In Black

Silence of the Lambs

Scary movie



Shout the Boo


Disco Mummy

The Ghost of Baton Rouge

House of Fate



Have a favorite Halloween Song or piece of Music we don't have listed? Submit the title to us and we will consider adding it to our list.