Halloween History

Halloween History

The Spirit of Halloween Headquarters!


Halloween in modern times has evolved into nothing more than a fun filled Holiday for Adults and Children alike.  Halloween is mostly celebrated in the United Sates and entails dressing up in all types of costumes which may include accessories such as Wigs, Jewelry, Makeup, and other accessories. The goal of the costume is to have fun and is achieved by emulating Scary and Spooky Spirits such as Ghosts, Grim Reapers, Zombies and other gory figures , to be outrageously funny, Sexy and to copy favorite TV, Movie or Cartoon characters, the latter being a favorite among the children.

Although the Adult celebration of Halloween has just recently emerged within the past 20 -30 years it has increased in popularity among adults at a rapid pace and has progressed to the point that the Adult celebration of Halloween has taken over the children’s participation at least in the amount of dollars spent for Costumes and Decorations.  Adults can easily spend hundreds of dollars each year in their pursuit of fun for this Holiday. Halloween is quickly becoming the most popular Holiday for fun Adult parties and is second only to Christmas in terms of expenditures of dollars.

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to Roman and Celtic times around the 16th century. The word Halloween is thought to derived from Old English and is translated as All Saints day and then into Scottish as All Hallows – Evening.  Many religious groups object to Halloween on the grounds that it is some evil religion or pagan event but today’s Halloween Holiday has no religious connotations whatsoever and is just about having a great time.

Children under the age of 12 are traditionally dressed in costumes and go door to door in their respective neighborhoods and collect candy from their neighbors. The event usually takes place from dusk on the night of Halloween and lasts for two to three hours in duration. The children ring the doorbells and say “Trick or Treat” and the homeowners traditionally place treats in the children’s bags.  Some organizations and neighborhoods, fearing for the safety of the children, sometimes have organized events for the children to participate in Lieu of the neighborhood escapades.

Adults traditionally are not allowed to partake in the Trick or Treating events except to accompany their children on their walks through the neighborhoods.  The adults instead have elaborate parties in their homes and sometimes in Bars and Restaurants. The party usually has many fun games and events for the adults in which they can have fun and win prizes for “ Best Costume”, Sexiest Costume” “Most Original Costume” etc.


Games can include “Bobbing for Apples” guessing amounts of candy in containers etc.


Today’s Halloween is all about having fun and may include scary stories, Movies, Distinct fun Music and elaborate Decorations for outdoors as well as inside the home.


Some churches that object to Halloween usually organize “Fall Festivals” which are remarkably like the Halloween Activities with the exception of the scary elements and may even go as far as banning Jack O Lanterns!

Most Americans love this Holiday and embrace it for what it is today – a fun filled Holiday!

Also Known As: Halloween can also be reffered as:

All Souls Day
Ghost Festival
Michief night
Devils Night
Day of the Dead
Fright Night
Bewitching Night

Colors of Halloween:

Traditional colors for Halloween are Black & Orange
Purple and Lime Green have taken hold recently

Symbols of Halloween:
The following symbols while they can be associated with other items are traditonally asscoiated with Halloween:

Jack O Lanterns
Black Cats
Candy Apples
Popcorn Balls
Candy Corn
Hay Rides
Corn Maze
Bon Fires
Grim Reaper
Black Candles
Black Magic


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