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Get into the spirit of Halloween with festivities that are fun for all. Smiling Black Cats and happy jack o'lanterns delight even the smallest goblins! Our collection of Halloween - themed products gives you everything to set the scene for Halloween gatherings. From paper dinning essentials to party trimmings, we have it all when it comes to spooky style..
- A mix of paper lanterns, some themed, some solid colors add color and personality to the party scene.
- Goodie bags printed to look like candy corn are a fun trick for festive treats, allowing party goers to take home a taste of the celebration.
- Set the scene for a Boo-tiful Party!
Happy ghosts, bats, pumpkins and ats come out to play in our Boo Bash collection. Felt Cutouts and Banners add texture to the mix, along with paper lanterns and metallic confetti that carry out the theme. A Spirited Scene - The party isn't complete without all the accents from our deor collection. Felt cutouts, paper lanterns, fun confetti, and treat bags are just a few of the finishing touches that add to the ambiance.
- Have some Monstrous Halloween Fun!
It's all in good fun when brightly colored monsters, witches, ghosts and goblins come to the party. Spooky Friends mixes perfectly with purple, green, orange and black solids from our Touch of Color collection, adding brilliant color accents to the decor. Toy spiders and a giant spider web with bats add bits of creepy crawly flair, while kazoos create a wacky soundtrack for the event.
- Serve it up in style! Napkins do double duty as a decorative accent when rolled up in a jar and arranged with paper lanterns.
- Have a Ghoulishly Good Time... Raise a glass of witch's brew and celebrate Halloween adult-style with haunting cocktails in a spooky setting. Our Get Wicked and Creepy Cocktail collections go solo or teamed together for witty, wicked Halloween fun. Add a hint of color with solid napkins in coordinating hues and bright selections from our Halloween banner collection.
- The bewitching Hour... Our coffin-shaped boxes go to work as creepy caddies for flatware. Pack others with treats for guests to take home Halloween goodies. Enjoy a good laugh from our new cocktail napkins with wicked attitude!

Try These great Halloween Party Tips:
Take a Latex Glove; fill it with water, freeze, (Add Food Color if desired) and then put the ice in a *punch bowl for a decorative touch!

·         The same as above except buy *plastic face masks; cover the holes and fill with water, freeze, and then add to your punch bowl! 

·         Use Halloween “*Scene Setters” to make a whole room look like a spooky movie set!

·         Place *cauldrons in strategic places, fill with warm water, place *glow sticks in the bottom and add dry ice for a spooky effect!

·         * Glow Sticks are great safety devices for children and can be used in a variety of creative ways to enhance your décor!

·         Use *Strobe Lights inside and outside for an eerie scene. Strobe lights can give any party that extra ump!

·         *Halloween music, *scary stories, and *scary sounds are great for parties and setting the stage!

·         Turn your yard into a graveyard by adding *tombstones, realistic looking *fences, *sound machine, *skulls, *skeletons, *fog, *ghosts, *tree faces, *bats, *cats, *rats, & More!

·         Party favors are a fun addition to give out instead of candy. Large quantity *Halloween party favors are available for purchase.

·         *Fog Machines are great for effects for parties indoors or out!

·         Glow in the Dark items such as *Bats, *Silly String, *Signs add to the ambience. Hang them from trees, shrubs, roof tops.

·         Write scary messages on the side walk or porch using *sidewalk chalk & use *black lights to enhance the effects!

·         Don’t just wear a *costume, go all out and apply *makeup, *wigs, *beards, *moustaches, *eyelashes, *jewelry, *colored hairspray, *prosthetics, *wounds and *accessories to make you look as realistic as possible.

·         Have realistic looking *weapons that go with your costume.

·         Have a costume contest and reward your winning guest with one of many *awards available. A variety of *Halloween games are available for children and adults!

·         Decorate your House with * Glow Windows for that eerie effect.

·         Place *Halloween Props on and around your porch.

·         Serve Punch and other drinks in decorative *Goblets , *Mugs & *Plastic ware

·         Lots of well placed *Spider Webs enhance the spooky effect of any space or room. Some webs even come in Glow in the Dark and other colors!

·         Nothing gets your attention better than *Bloody Handprints, * Bloody Footprints leading your guests to where the party is!

·         (*) These items and hundreds more are available for purchase at Let’s Party! Williamsburg’s Halloween Headquarters!

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