Free Things to See and Do in Williamsburg

Free Things to See and Do in Williamsburg, VA

Are you visiting Williamsburg on a Budget?

If so we just might be able to help. There are several fun things to do and see in Williamsburg that are free. We scoured the area to find what can be done in the area for free. Take a look you'll be surprised!

#1) Did you know that most of Colonial Williamsburg can be viewed for free? Well it’s true most of the grounds are open to visitors walking around and viewing and it’s free! No need to pay admission when you can meander around the grounds, view the buildings from the outside ( they are all replicas anyway!) an see people dressed in period clothing and some outside items such as stocks and ornaments.


#2) Consider taking the children to Kidsburg – It’s a local park hosted by James City County Parks and Recreation and is absolutely free. The park has a large playground built in the shape of a pirate ship and children love it! The park is located off of Monticello Ave in Williamsburg.

#3) Take a ride on the Jamestown Ferry – The Ferry is operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation and there is no charge for the ride. You can take your automobile across or just ride it for yourself. The ride is approximately 20 minutes long and provides a wonderful view of the James River.

#4) Some parts of the Jamestown Settlement area can be viewed for free. It is especially fun to walk down to the River area (The view is wonderful) and there is a free Glass Blowing exposition on most days.

#5) Take a drive down the Historic Colonial Parkway. It is a beautiful at all times of the year but is especially so in the fall with the leaves changing colors. The Colonial Parkway is maintained by the US Park service.

#6) Take a drive down I-64 and go through the Hampton tunnel and you will have a wonderful view of the Norfolk Naval Base and the many ships berthed in port at the World’s largest active Naval Base. If you are lucky you may also get   to see a ship entering or leaving port as it passes over the tunnel.

#7) Go to the General store or the Wallace’s Trading Post as many nights during the summer months they have a free Fife & Drummer performance in front of the business.


#8) Yankee Candle – There is a  little to see in Yankee Candle such as the area where it “snows” and occasionally there are other free activities in the Yankee candle for visitors.


#9) Nature Walk – In one of James City County’s Parks. The Greensprings Interpretative Trail is a wonderful trail for hikers and joggers. The trail is 3.5 miles and loops through ponds, wetlands and forest. Along the trail are interpretative signs that tell of local history, about the settlers, the Indians and nature. I have walked this trail with my kids many times and I can almost guarantee you coming across many deer and other wildlife.
You might even see “Woody” the Owl ( My nickname for him)


#10) Take a Bike Trail from Jamestown to the Chickahominy Park where you can have a picnic. Or the kids can play at the playground free.


#11) Visit James City County Park – Freedom Park – Located at 5535 Centerville Road in Williamsburg. It’s History dates back to the 1600’s and is the site of 18th Century Graveyard, a 17th century domicile, and is wear a revolutionary War Battle took place in 1781 at Spencer’s Ordinary.

The 600 acre park also 20 miles of biking trails, Picnic tables, the Williamsburg Botanical Ellipse Garden, and one of the nations earliest Free Black Settlements. The park is open daily from 7AM to Sunset.

#12) Visit the U.S. Army Transportaion Museum in Ft. Eustis ( about 12 minutes from Williamsburg).

The Museum covers over six acres and is devoted to the History of Army transportation. And best of all - It's Free!









You don't have to pay for all the good things in life. Some are still free here in Williamsburg! Great Free activities for the whole family.