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Question: Why doesn't Let's Party Answer its telephone?
Ans: Let's Party was getting between 100-125 phone calls per day about our products and services If you do the math you can see that we would spend over 8 hours per day on the telephone if each call only takes an average of 5 minutes each. We had to make a decision to either hire someone specifically to answer the phone or not answer the calls. We chose to not answer the calls. We care about our customers but hope they will understand and visit us in person. Someday we hope to have enough employees to resume answering the telephones.

Question: Why doesn't Let's Party carry the same items that the old party store use to carry like gift boxes?
Ans: Let's Party is not owned by the same corporation that owned the Paper Factory. Let's Party has an entirely different concept in our business model. While they were a paper store that carried some party goods we want to be a strict party store and only focus on party related items. Some items can be considered as party related but we may not have the same sources of manufacturers or it may not be cost effective for us from a business point of view. We do carry around 20,000 party items and are able to satisfy the vast majority of our customers. No store can carry every single item someone might desire, its just not practical.

Question: What forms of payments does Let's Party accept? Does Let's Party accept checks?
Ans: Let's Party accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover Cards. In addition we take debit cards and of course cash payments. We do not accept checks.

Question: Does Let's Party accept Balloon Orders by phone?
Ans: No we do not accept Balloon orders by telephone. You may stop and place an order in person or you may walk in and get your Balloons however during peak hours you may have to wait for sometime.  We are more than happy to do balloons on a walk-in basis but we highly suggest stopping by to pre-order balloons if time is a factor or if you require specific color combinations.

Question: Are all your products in your store available for purchase in your on line stores?
Ans: No, Our on line stores only carry select products from our store.  And the same goes for our on line stores -Some on the products available on line are not available in our physical store. For instance our on line Wedding Store products are available only on line and the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Question: When to you put out your Halloween Merchandise?
Ans: Well actually a great deal of our Merchandise stays out year around and is available for purchase year around in our store and on our Web Sites - Let's Party Wigs - Shop Let's Party - Let's Party Wedding Store.
 We leave out our Wigs, Mustaches, Beards, Costume Hats and Makeup on a year round basis. Only the strict Halloween Merchandise is packed away. Costumes are available but we don't leave them displayed through out the year. Customers may e-mail or request costumes in advance. It is difficult to accomodate customers on a walk in basis as costumes are stored in multiple locations. We start putting out new Halloween Merchandise as early as July each year. Costumes are generally the last items we display although we are working on displaying them earlier than we have been. It takes hundreds of man hours to set up our store for Halloween all the while trying to manage our normal store operations. Your patience with us is appreciated.

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Frequently asked questions for Let's Party.