E-mail Santa Claus

Hey Kids - Want to E-mail santa?

It's Easy and We will show you how!

(A note to parents: This is a safe family friendly Website. Our own family has visited it every year since it's inception. It is really a fun family activity!)

For more than 10 years now Santa has had his E-mail site up and running filling kids dreams and wishes!

Most children can do it themselves but some might need Mom, Dads or an older brother or sister's help.

To begin your e-mail adventure first go to Santa's Website and follow his easy directions!

E-mail Santa Claus (Click here Kids)

Send your Christmas wish to Santa Claus!EmailSanta: Send your Christmas Wish to Santa and he'll reply faster than red-nosed reindeer fly!

Also on his site you can:

Write to Santa

Get Santa Tweets

Christmas Songs

View Santa's Naughty or Nice List

View Christmas Webcams

Get santa's Autograph

View Rudolph's Webcam

Christmas Trivia

Play Yule Search Games

see an Advent Calendar

Hear The Night before Christmas Poem

View The Santa Claus Blog
View  Santa's Photo Album

Send your pets E-mails to Rudolf

Read Christmas Jokes

Reindeer Voting

Print Santa Coloring Pages

View Letters to Santa


It's great family fun to e-mail Santa Claus! We have the Links for you! Our own family has visited this great Santa site for years and our children really look forward to it. Talking to Santa Claus is something that never goes out of style. That Santa dude is one cool guy!