Bring Disney to Williamsburg

Help Bring Disney to Williamsburg

Help Bring a Disney Resort to Williamsburg


What Williamsburg Needs now!

Help bring a Disney Resort to Williamsburg.

Disney is currently building 500 – 1000 room Hotel resorts in places like the newly open Resort & Spa on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, currently expanding a resort in Hong Kong and currently building a resort in Shanghai. It recently cancelled plans to build a resort in National Harbor but is retaining the land for their Long Term Expansion plans.


Williamsburg is the perfect fit for a Disney Resort and our state and community leaders should actively pursue Disney building a Resort here in the Williamsburg area. If Disney were to build a Colonial themed or other fitting type of resort here in Williamsburg it would be a tremendous boost to our local and state tourism.

The influx of Tourists that would be drawn by a project would be of benefit to all citizens in the area bringing more Jobs, Tax Revenues, Goods and Services and more tourists.  


These are the types of ideas that need to be promoted by the Williamsburg area citizenry! Whether it is Disney or another Amusement Company our leadership needs to get off their rear ends and become pro-active in bringing Tourism to the Williamsburg area.

So contact your local and state representatives and ask them why they are not actively pursuing more Tourism here in the Williamsburg area. Our area might have started out with History but any tourist area has to have fun to bring families back to our area from year to year.


Why not demand that our local and state leaders actively court companies like Disney or Six Flags for the Williamsburg area?