Creepy Hollow Hayride

Looking for Fun things to do this Halloween?

How about considering a Creepy Hollow Hayride?

An exert from their Website:

"Virginia's Halloween legend returns for it's 19th year! Take a narrated tractor drawn hayride into the depths of Creepy Hollow. This is one ride you'll need to scream to survive!

Experience first hand the horrors of Dr. Ulysses S. Farrington's experiments deep within the woods of the Hollow. As you ride through the dark woods, you'll feel the breath of the spirits encircling you. And you'll witness what has become of those not fortunate enough to escape from the Doctor's clutches.

The Creepy Hollow Hayride is filled with spooky scenery, amazing illusions and scary surprises. It's a unique experience designed to entertain you at every turn.

Survivors are welcomed at a bonfire so they can warm up, visit with friends and share the thrills of their night! An amazing Spinning Vortex Tunnel and food are available on the midway. The bravest souls may want to venture into Scream Forest, an intense haunted walking experience.

Creepy Hollow Hayride is scary entertainment and may not be appropriate for small children.""

Visit the Creepy Hollow Hayride website today for more information.

Sounds like a great place to take a daring date this Halloween if you live in the Richmond area !