Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers Parties are a great fun party theme!

There are no rules just have your guests come dressed in either a "Robber" or "Police" garb. "Good guys" versus the "Bad Guys".

Full costumes are not required and imagination is encouraged. They can be Old time Cops & Robbers are Cops & Robbers from the future.

Couples can come dress as a Cop & a Robber, Two Cops or Two Criminals such as escaped convicts or prisoners. They can even play on the "Prisoner of Love" theme if they desire.

Games can be centered around the them and guests can be arrested or you can have a mystery that the Robbers come up with that the Cops have to solve.
The sky is the limit with a little creativity with this theme.

One note of caution - Let's Party sells both real and trick handcuffs - we recommend the trick handcuffs which can be released without a key but make sure you have a handcuff key somewhere just in case.


The Cops & Robbers theme can be a lot of fun!