Have A Clown Party

A great Theame Idea for a Party!
Have A Clown Party

Looking for a great new and refreshing idea for a party?

How about having a clown Party!

It's simple, It's not expensive and best of your guests will have a blast and so much fun they will talk about it for years to come!

Here's all you have to do to get started:

Plan the Party Date

Send out your Invitations

Make sure your guests know what is expected of them - In this case to come to the Party dressed as a clown. They can dress as elborate as a full costume or as simple as a red clown nose or some where in between.

Make sure to have food on hand that clowns love like, Carmel corn, Hot Dogs, Pop Corn, Cracker Jack, Cotton Candy.

Duck when you see a squirt flower.

Let's Party has tons of items for this party like wigs, Clown Hats, Clown Noses, Clown Face Paint and Make Up Kits,Clown Hats, Suspenders, Clown Shoes and even Clown Costumes.

Plan on giving out prizes.
Examples would be funniest Clown, Scariest Clown, Best Clown Couple , Best Dressed Clown, etc.

You also might want to take plenty of photos as this will be the event of a lifetime. Just imagine the looks on your neighbors faces as dozens of people start arrivng at your house all dressed as Clowns!

And Hey, Don't forget the Balloons!

As we say at Let's Party
"It's not a Party without Balloons"