Bull Run Festival and Tomato Royale

The Great Bull Run Festival and Tomato Royale is coming to Richmond Virginia !

Schedule for Saturday August 24th 2013 it will be just like the Running of the Bulls in Pamlona Spain each year only these Bulls are not Abused or Killed after the event according to the organizers Web Site.

The Organizers say to " Grab Life by The Horns and claim there has only been 15 Deaths in 102 years of the event in Spain! (Personally I don't like those odds!) But if you are the more adventurous type you might just want to visit their Web Site and get more information. You can also opt to be a spectator or just choose to participate in a Tomato Food Fight afterwards called the "Tomato Royale"
If you would like to participate or get more information just visit the Great Bull Run site.

In addition to Richmond Virginia they also have other cities scheduled for 2013 and 2014.
Here is their current Schedule

Bull Run 2013 Schedule:

Atlanta , GA - October 19th 2013

Houston, TX - December 7th 2013

Bull Run 2014 Schedule:

Dade City , FL - February 1st 2014

Lake Elsinore, CA  - March 8th 2014

Dallas, TX - April 5th 2014

Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota - May 10th 2014

Mohnton, PA - June 7th 2014

Northern California ( Location TBD) - 21 June 2014

Chicago, IL - July 12th 2014

Running with the Bulls ? I'll just watch this one on the news thank you ! But then again I'm not the type to Jump out of Airplanes, Bungee Jump, Cliff Dive, Ride Roller Coasters ..................... Call me a coward if you will but I just like living life in a more serene fashion.
But for those that enjoy these activities I hope you have loads of fun!