Williamsburg Area Banks & Credit Unions

Banks in the Williamsburg Area

Bank of America
1801 Richmond Rd - 757-259-5481
1310 Jamestown Rd - 757-258-1700
4620 Monticello Ave - 757-220-3250
4808 Courthouse St Ste 102 - 757-220-5990
Williamsburg , VA

Bank of Williamsburg
5125 John Tyler Hwy
Williamsburg, VA

100 McLaws Circle - 757-564-8700
6720 Mooretown Rd - 757-220-7910
5236 Monticello Ave - 757-220-5931
1031 Richmond Rd - 757-220-5693
Williamsburg, VA

C&F Bank
1167 Jamestown Rd - 757-220-3293
4780 Longhill Rd - 757-565-0593
7534 Richmond Rd - 757-564-8114
Williamsburg, VA

Chesapeake Bank
5700 Williamsburg Landing Dr.   757-259-0765
4492 John Tyler Hwy  757-221-7001
6601 Richmond Rd  - 757-259-0760
Willaimsburg, VA

First Market Bank
4660 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, VA

Fulton Bank
1156 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Harbor Bank
1312 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg , VA

Old Point National Bank
Williamsburg, VA

SunTrust Bank
1186 Jamestown Rd  - 757-253-9135
6385 Richmond Rd  - 757-564-1494
5215 Center St - 757-259-1300
4801 Courthouse St - 757-220-5041
Williamsburg, VA

5216 Monticello Ave  - 757-564-4700
6000 Patriots Colony Dr.  - 757-220-9953
1510 Quarterpath Rd  -757-903-2050
Williamsburg, VA

Union Bank & Trust
171 Monticello Ave  - 757- 258-2681
5125 John Tyler Hwy  - 757-229-5448
Williamsburg , VA 

4690 Monticello Ave  -757-564-1006
820 E Rochambeau Dr. - 757-258-1800
428 McLaws Circle  - 757-220-3202

Woodforest National Bank
731 E Rochambeu Dr.
Williamsburg, VA

Credit Unions

Anheuser Busch Employees Credit Union
243 McLaws Circle
Williamsburg, VA 

Baylands Federal Credit Union
7031 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Bayport Credit Union
4171 Ironbound Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Chartway Federal Credit Union
455 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 

Langley Federal Credit Union
5220 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, VA


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