WIlliamsburg Latex Balloons

 Latex Balloons -
Let's Party in Williamsburg, Virginia knows balloons.

Let's Party now carries Singing Balloons  & Bubble Balloons !

In fact you won't find anyone in this area with a larger selection of balloons! We use only the highest quality professional grade balloons and inflate with only pure helium!

No cutting corners and introducing a Helium / Air mixture like dollars stores and others do. When inflated our balloons have that traditional balloon shape.

Ever notice how some stores balloons look Fat and Round? Well that's because they are using a cheaper grade of balloon thinking you don't care! We think you do and we don't insult you by trying to pawn off cheap balloons!. 

Also please consider using balloon bouquets for your next event as table centerpieces or decorations. The cost is far below that of flower arrangements and it gives a much greater visual impact and with our huge selection of colors matching your color scheme is not a problem!

Below is a sample of our Latex Balloon Selection.   So don't wait, stop by Let's Party in Williamsburg today!  

It's not a Party without Balloons from Let's Party!

Click on any picture of balloons below to start your Balloon slideshow of Let's Party's Balloons!

Let's Party is Williamsburg's best store for Balloons. We can Latex Balloons, Mylar Balloons, Packaged Balloons in many colors and sizes including 10 Count Balloons, 20 Count Balloons, 72 Count Balloons, and 100 Count Balloons. We also have Holiday and Seasonal Balloons, Shaped Balloons, Balloon Weights in a variety of styles & Colors, Animal Twist Balloons, 260Q Balloons in a few different color combinations such as Carnival Assortments, Traditional Assortments and Character Assortments. We sell more balloons than anyone Else in Williamsburg, guaranteed! In fact we have done Balloons for most of the Area Schools and governments, Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Busch Brewery, the College of William & Mary and for guests at the Great Wolf Lodge! Our Balloons have Decorated some of the most festive events and parties in Williamsburg! So if you are looking for Balloons then Let's Party is your best source for quality Balloons. New to the Williamsburg area? Visiting Williamsburg?    Visiting or attending William & Mary? Visiting The Great Wolf Lodge? Need Balloons? Stop by Let's Party today. Sorry - We cannot accept Balloon Orders by Phone. Stop by today and order you Balloons!


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Balloon Price Guide
Let's Party Does Not fill Balloons purchased elsewhere - We only fill Balloons that we sell for inflation. 

Latex Balloons

11-12" Latex Balloons w/Helium

$1.45 Ea   or $17.40Dz.
Notice: Average Float Time for Latex Balloons is 12 Hours 

 ~W/Hi-Float (TM) Balloons Last up to 3 Days!
$1.75 Ea   or     $21.00Dz.

Mylar Balloons

18" Solid Color Mylar Stars, Round & Heart Shaped   - $1.99Ea.

18" Printed Mylar - $3.99 Ea.

All Other sizes - Price Varies

Miscellaneous :

Ordering Balloon Bouquets
( Requires Ordering in Advance) 
$2.50 per Bouquet Charge Applies

Step 1 : Pick your Weights
(Please note: if weights not purchased at time of Order or if you bring your own please add $3.00 per Bouquet)

Step 2
: Pick your Balloons
Latex - (1.75 ea) Hi Float Included - 48Hr + Float Time
Pick Your Mylar Balloons ( Price Varies)
Note: Mylar and Latex may be combined.

Step 3
: Add Options:
Bouquet Lights - 6.99 per Bouquet ( Makes beautiful center pieces in low light settings!)
"All Weights sold Separately"

Bouquets from Weights purchased elsewhere or previously add:
$3.00 each

Balloons Purchased Elsewhere:
We now fill 18"-21" Mylar Balloons only if purchased elsewhere (Price $3.49 Ea.) -
Sorry we cannot inflate Latex (Rubber) Balloons of any type or size purchased from another source nor can inflate Super Sized Mylar Balloons or shapes.

Large Quanties of Balloons may require advanced purchase. For Faster Service please consider pre-ordering your Balloons. When you come in an place your order in advance we can have your balloons ready on the date and time you specify!

Balloon FAQ

Q) Why Doesn't Let's Party accept Balloon Orders by telephone?
Ans) We carry a very large selection of balloons and there is no way for us to guarantee that if you ask for a blue balloon ( for example) that we will chose the color of blue that you wanted. We found in the past people would get angry at us for inflating the wrong color of balloons or the wrong type of balloon. So as a result of the customers frustrations we decided it was best for people to come into the store and choose the balloons they desire.

Q) Do I have to order Balloons in advance?
Ans) You don't have to but it is highly recommended. On high volume balloon days such as Saturdays or certain holidays ( graduation for example) you could have an extensive wait for your order - Orders that are placed in advance always have priority over walk-ins.

Q) Can Let's Party Deliver my balloon order?
Ans) At this time Let's Party does not deliver balloons - We do however, expect to add this service in the future.

Q) How long do balloons last?
Our latex balloons usually float from 12-16 hours but we say the average latex balloon float time is 12 hours.  With Hi-Float Treatment(TM) latex balloons can last up to three days. Mylar balloons usually float for at least 3 days but we have them last much longer in some cases.

Q) How many balloons can I transport in my vehicle.
Ans) The average sedan will carry three dozen bagged balloons. Lets party puts large quantity balloon orders in bags making them easier for you to transport them to your event. This is especially help full on those rainy and windy days! We are the only store in the area that provides this service!

Q) How many balloons does Let's Party carry?
Ans) Good Question - Last time we counted we had over 700 styles of balloons!

Q) What is the largest balloon order you have filled?
Ans) Our largest single order to date was for 300 latex balloons - Care to try and beat this?

Q) Why doesn't Let's Party carry the Balloon Time Helium Tanks?
Ans) #1 They are expensive - We don't believe in cheating people - it is cheaper for us to fill up the balloons for you.
They contain very little Helium for the cost. They are bad for the environment - They
cannot be re-used. They are very difficult to re-cycle and the manufacturers own web site admits they can be dangerous. The materials contained in them like their balloons and ribbon we believe to be of inferior quality to the balloons we carry and the  balloons are only 9" balloons versus our which are 11-12" balloons (considered to be the standard size for balloons. 

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If you are looking for a Balloon store in Williamsburg Let's Party should be your first choice! With thousands of Balloons to choose from you'll be amazed at the Balloon Selections! No one - No other store does more Balloons than Let's Party in Williamsburg! That's because no one can match our quality! If you are looking for Balloons then the first place to start is Let's Party!
It's Not a Party without Let's Party Balloons ! Less than 30 Minutes from some parts of Richmond and only 20 minutes from Newport News, and Yorktown is only 10 minutes away.