Apple I-TV Coming Soon?

Apple's New I-TV coming Soon?

Did Steve Jobs leave a legacy bigger than any of us could have imagined?


The rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Apple will be releasing their new “I-TV” as it is being called later this summer, just in time for the 2012 Christmas season.

At this point it’s nothing but a rumor but industry insiders are claiming the I-TV is real is being tested for flaws and will be manufactured for Apple by Sharp Electronics.

The  I-TV is rumored to be a cross between a Computer, a TV, and that it will follow voice commands similar to its new I-Phone with Siri.  It will more than likely include all the features of your I-Phone such as the Social Networking and of course thousands of Apps will spring up over night for it. The I-TV would become not only an entertainment center but a Social Center, a communications Center and a Reference Center for the home. The possibilities are extensive!

The TV will allow consumers to by-pass cable and satellite TV and allow for broadcasts directly from the Networks, or such services such as Netflix or Hulu.


If true this will be one of Steve Jobs last great accomplishments and leave other TV makers in the dark for some time to come. (I’m sure they are feverishly working on this as you read trying to catch up).
Personally I thought everyone was over doing it a little after his passing but I am being proven wrong.


The result will be a revolution in the TV industry like there has been in the cell phone industry the past few years.

Thinking of purchasing a new TV? You just might want to hold off another year if it possible!

The only question I have is what else was this genius working on? For me personally an Apple I-Personal Assistant would be nice for Christmas after next!


If Rumors are correct Steve Jobs will be remembered for much more than the Cell Phone and an I-Pod!