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Notice : At this time Let's Party has suspended advertising from Private Companies -
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What better way to promote your business than to advertise on the Let's Party Web Site? Let's Party has one of the most popular Web Sites in Williamsburg and now you can promote your business, product or service also. 

Our site is loaded with features that brings up to 2000 visitors per day to our site! With one of the most comprehensive Party sites around and the addition of our Williamsburg Tourism pages  and area information pages we have visitors not only from the Williamsburg area but literally all over the United States; with the majority interested in vacationing or buying products, or obtaining services  in the Williamsburg area in the near future!

In addition we are connected to over 30 other web sites that promote parties, Children's Birthdays, Balloons, Weddings, Halloween, Shopping, Restaurants, Vacationing, Tourism, Entertainers, Catering, Balloons, Costumes, Toys,  and more; all leading them to Let's Party, Williamsburg's Party Store. Let's Party is constantly adding additional Web Sites and features that attract many viewers interested in our products and now you can take advantage of our network to promote your Company, Products or Services!

What does this mean for your business? It means that we have done the hard work for you - just advertise on Let's Party's Web Site and enjoy the rewards of promoting your business 24 hours a day - 365 days a year and all at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.

What you get
Your Ad will appear on the page of our Web Site of your choice ;  In addition you receive a "Bonus Ad" on this page!
And of course for an additional charge you may add as many pages as you wish for your AD.  The Ad's appear on a first come basis so the oldest Advertisers on each page appear at the top and move up when someone decides to discontinue their AD or move it to another page.

Who Can Advertise on the Let's Party Web Site?
Basically anyone no matter how large or small your company, product or service is with just a few exceptions. Normally no other Party Supply Store is allowed to advertise, No Adult Sites, or anything else that Let's Party deems to be not in good taste. Allowed Advertising will be at the sole discretion of Let's Party. 
Our website is great for national advertisors - Because we draw visitors to our site from Williamsburg as well as nationally seeking the information we provide.

How Much?
For a limited time we are offering the placement  ( Plus Bonus Advertising Page Ad)  as described above  for only $350 per year. Thats less than $30.00 per month to advertise on Let's Party! 
Super special - Choose two years for only $600.00 - That's a $100 savings!

 AD Requirements -
at this time we only accept JPEG &  Gif type images for ADS. They will be Sized accordingly to fit our Advertising areas. Maxiumum ad size is 250x250 pixels.

Advance payments are required. We accept Credit Cards & Checks

Contact Information
For Advertising

If you are interested in Advertising on the Let's Party Web Site please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.

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I would like to have my company or product listed on your Web Site - is there a cost?

Ans) If it is a category we normally include on our Web Site,  then no. Example you are an Entertainer for Children's Parties and would like your basic contact information included - all you have to do is submit the information to us and once approved we will add you to our Web Site at no charge - in fact we invite you to do so! We would suggest however if you would like to stand out from the crowd an AD is just the ticket and for the small yearly charge it is well worth the money spent!

What types of Payment's do you accept?

Ans) Check, Money Orders, ( Made Payable to Let's Party)  ( American Express, Visa, Master Card, & Discover)

What if I don't Like my AD - Can I get a refund? Or I decide I don't need your service any longer - Can I get a refund?

Ans) No, We use the Ad you submit to us and place it accordingly on your requested pages. If there is a problem we will make every effort to resolve the problem but we do not give refunds.

How Long will my Ad's Appear on your Web Site? Can I have my AD removed early?

The term is for one year and the term starts the first full day it appears on the Web Site so from the 1st day it appears the Ad will expire in 365 days. At that time you will be given the option to renew your AD. Yes , you can request to have your Ad removed from the Web Site early but no refund will be credited.

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